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We carry out following activities as a Mechanical Organization of the Water Resources Department. Click on each for the detailed Information of activity and Ongoing Projects.

Hydraulic Gates and Hoist
Canal maintenance
Workshop Management
Stores Management Transportation
Lift Irrigation Scheme
Emergency Services Disposal of Machineries

Ever since its early inception, Mechanical Organisation is very actively involved in boring related works for exploration & project site investigations. Boring activities carried out by Mechanical Organisation are mainly Core-type Drilling employing Diamond bit drills. Boring carried out by Mechanical Organisation is for following purposes-

  • Exploration of foundation strata for Dams, Power houses, tunnels, etc
  • For Grouting purposes
  • To provide relief wells

There is a centralized Sub Divisional Office at Dapodi, Pune which owns a number of Drilling Machines of various types & capacities such as Joy 7, Joy 12B , Long Year, Acker Diamond, etc. This office is entrusted with all the boring related works to be carried out at various project sites spread all over the State of Maharashtra.

Following are the standard sizes of borings carried out by Mechanical Organisation

Design Type
Hole Size (mm)

Core Size (mm)

NX 76 54
BX 60 41
AX 48 30

An appropriate machine is selected in accordance with the type of core to be extracted, depth of drilling, general soil conditions, etc. Drilling machine is transported to the project site & the crew incharge carry the drilling work. The core collected is handed over to the Project authorities for detail analysis.


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