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We carry out following activities as a Mechanical Organization of the Water Resources Department. Click on each for the detailed Information of activity and Ongoing Projects.

Hydraulic Gates and Hoist
Canal maintenance
Workshop Management
Stores Management Transportation
Lift Irrigation Scheme
Emergency Services Disposal of Machineries

Water is a national wealth. Hence it is necessary to have proper use of available water. Every day there is increase is demand of domestic, industrial and irrigation. Hence to increase water, use efficiency and reducing losses is the need of the hour.

The canals through out the State are required to be maintain regularly. To keep in good condition. For this maintenance of
the canals the work of removing silt and bushes and repairs is now decided by the Govt. to utilised the machinery working under Mechanical Orgainsation since year 2002.

This organisation has received the first ever Chief Minister’s Award for saving lakhs of rupees in the developmental work in year 2003. For canal repair works in minimum maintenance cost.

At present about 225 production machine units are working throughout Maharastra for this work.


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