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We carry out following activities as a Mechanical Organization of the Water Resources Department. Click on each for the detailed Information of activity and Ongoing Projects.

Hydraulic Gates and Hoist
Canal maintenance
Workshop Management
Stores Management Transportation
Lift Irrigation Scheme
Emergency Services Disposal of Machineries


A. Hydraulic Gate is a central equipment used for controlling the flow of water through outlet.

The main components of the Gate are

  • Embedments.
  • Gate Leaf.
  • Hoisting Arrangements

Gate Leafs and Embedments are designed by Central Design Organisation, Nasik and Hoisting arrangements are designed by Mechanical Organisation. Manufacturingwork of all above components is carried out in various workshops of this Organisations. Various types of gates are classified according to functions and locations in the irrigation system.

Radial Gate, Sluice Gate, Barrage Gate, Stoplog Gates, Canal Regulator Gates , Draft Tubes Gates.
Wire rope operated Hoist and Electrically-operated Overhead Traveling Crane
Screw Stem Hoist
, Hydraulic Hoist, Golieth Crane, Chain Pulley Block.
Trash Rack , Bellmouth, Transition, Penstock, 'Y' Piece, Bulkhead, Lifting Beam,
Air Vent, ByPass Arrangement.

Manufacturing Activities
The manufacturing work of all types of Gates and its related components, is carried out by this Organisation having workshop facilities at following places:

1) Dapodi, Pune.
2) Nagpur.
3) Satara.
4) Karad.
5) Akola.
6) Wardha.
7) Amravati.
8) Nanded.

Mechahical Organisation has completed Gates manufacturing work of approximately 1,54,000 MT since 1960.

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