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We carry out following activities as a Mechanical Organization of the Water Resources Department. Click on each for the detailed Information of activity and Ongoing Projects.

Hydraulic Gates and Hoist
Canal maintenance
Workshop Management
Stores Management Transportation
Lift Irrigation Scheme
Emergency Services Disposal of Machineries

Transportation of machineries & manufactured gates parts to project sites is an important activity of Mechanical Organization right from its formation. The transportation work carried out is very commendable considering the difficult geographical terrains of project sites. Transport facilities in terms of transport vehicles like Trucks & Trailors ranging

from 7.5 Ton capacity to 60 Ton Capacity are available with Mechanical Organisation. Various Earth moving machineries like Dozers, Scrappers, Graders, Loaders, Shovels etc. are transported from one project site to another as per requirement. Also Gates parts of hydraulic gates and other components like Penstocks, Bell mouth, ‘Y’ Pieces Transition zones etc manufactured
at various manufacturing workshops are transported to the required project sites.
Mechanical Organisation has a large fleet of transport vehicles like trucks and trailors which are very well distributed among its different units in different regions depending upon their need.


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